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Photo of a content sheep under a NZ native cabbage tree
A sheep under a NZ cabbage tree, Blissfully content, at peace with life.

My role

Change happens - it is the one certainty in life.

You may find change coming internally in the form of dissatisfaction, increased anxiety, trauma triggers or from outside external events, relationship issues, job redundancy or work stress. The trick is to get the skills and support you need to willingly participate in the process and to turn the negative into an opportunity for growth. I believe that you, the client, are the expert in your life. You are here to identify and nourish your strengths, to harness your inner power and direction, to hear your soul's call... then you will create a meaningful life, one full of joy, purpose and creativity. Human beings are complex. To heal and grow at a deep level it is vital that the 4 cornerstones of our essential nature are brought into balance: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. My sacred task is to assist and support you on your journey.

Tools in my healers basket / kete

Counselling Fees

All prices plus GST

Financial assistance

Ministry of Health / Land Transport Assessments:

If you have lost your drivers licence through alcohol/drug use and had an "indefinite disqualification" you can apply to get your licence back after 12 months. I am an approved assessor for the NZ Transport Agency. Phone my assessment centre office for more information and to book an assessment with me. PH: 0800 221 442. This service covers Nelson and Motueka, Auckland Central, West and North Auckland.

WINZ funding for counselling:

This is dependant on your income not just whether you are on a benefit. WINZ will fund up to $61 a week for counselling. Your doctor needs to support your application and both the Dr and myself fill in your application form. Check with WINZ to see if you qualify for the funding.

ACC for sexual abuse trauma:

ACC fully funds this counselling.

Employee Assistance Programme:

Phone Vitae Services 0508 664 981 to see if your workplace is registered with them, and if it is, counselling is free. Your issues can be work related or personal to qualify. I am a registered counsellor and supervisor with Vitae Services.

Contact me if you wish to discuss any of these options or to book an appointment.

NZ native flora essences consultations and fees

Vibrational medicine from the flowers, ferns, trees, seeds, plants, orchids, fern allies, mountain grasses of Aotearoa to support holistic wellbeing (First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®)

Face to face or Skype

Additional essence blends including:

Your personalised Constitutional blend according to your date and day of birth

Combination Essences© for a variety of issues such as crisis support, stress support, weight loss support travel support

Your own selection from the range (up to 8 essences are recommended in a blend)

$25 per bottle (plus $6 per package for overnight courier). Contact me to purchase essences.

One bottle lasts approximately one month and should be used within 6 weeks of opening

Wherever you are on your journey, these essences can assist you. Their powerful yet gentle healing energies are pure nature intelligence of a very high order. They will not interfere with any medications you are on, are safe for pregnant women and children (and of course animals) and have the capacity to restore balance and harmony to all aspects of the being: personality, trauma and pain in the auric field, chakra imbalance, DNA inherited patterns, soul or karmic lessons. In fact, they work cooperatively and synergistically in our enery field just like Nature does in the forests of NZ. There are also families in the "First Light" range to assist the healers in our community through the 12 healers essences as well as essences for those consciously on their spiritual journey, to enhance rapid growth in consciousness.

Common issues clients bring

I have been counselling for over 30 years now and have worked with many issues over this time. Common themes people present with include:


Ana Dorrington 5

I am a counsellor, coach and supervisor receiving supervision from Ana to meet the ethical and professional guidelines of the NZ Association of Counsellors. I have found Ana to be a well informed and compassionate professional who brings a warmth to her work whilst maintaining sound ethical and professional boundaries. Through our ever exploratory supervision sessions I have experienced significant professional and personal developments which fulfil both my professional and personal requirements for supervision.
I would not hesitate to recommend her for clinical supervision.

Tom - Auckland
Ana Dorrington 5

I've been seeing Ana for 18 months now and I find her to be very trustworthy, honest and she has helped me therapeutically as well as spiritually. Counselling has helped me to work through major anxiety and depression associated with trauma and this has helped me gain control over my drinking which has been a problem all my adult life. I would recommend Ana to anyone who needs help.

Brett - Auckland
Ana Dorrington 5

I would wholeheartedly recommend Ana as a therapist to anyone who is serious about about tackling the big issues that one has to deal with which may be holding them back from fully experiencing a happy and healthy life. I first came to see Ana as a broken spirit, lost and insecure about myself and my future. Ana gets to the core of the issue with precision. With her kind and empathic ear, and methods of healing she has introduced into my life I have been transformed and empowered to take responsibility for my own healing. I have gained an understanding of my past traumas and been able to process the pain safely with Ana's direction and support. Ana is truly a treasure, and I will be forever grateful for the tools she taught me to deal with my issues.

Alaina - Auckland
Ana Dorrington 5

Ana has played such an essential part in my journey towards healing and recovery. I first came into her office very anxious and unhappy and needing help. And from that first session she has provided that help, with CBT and Interactive Drawing, as well as lots of conversations. She has shown me new ways of understanding my childhood memories and trauma and also how those experiences can affect adulthood. Thank you so much Ana, I would not be the person I am today without you and I am truly thankful.

Eleanor - Auckland
Ana Dorrington 5

When I started counselling with Ana I was at rock bottom and hopelessly stuck there. While always gentle, generous, and compassionate she knew just when to challenge me and I believe this to be the catalyst for change in my outlook and in my life as it opened up the way for new perception. She is a highly-skilled practitioner and I would warmly recommend her to anyone who is seeking to make sense of their life, emotions and behaviours.

Ange - Golden Bay
Ana Dorrington 5

I feel like you have spoken to my spirit, not in a weird way, but that you truly understand where I'm at. I can't remember feeling so ok for such a long time. Thank you.

Jeanette - Auckland
Ana Dorrington 5

I highly recommend Ana as a counsellor for the thinking person. She is astute, compassionate, spiritually aware and can offer sound practical life skills. You won't get away with fooling yourself and may even enjoy the process.

Kare - South Island
Ana Dorrington 5

Ana introduced me to Flower Essences and the effect was simply incredible. Gentle and powerful all at the same time creating positive change and healing. I have recommended them to many since. Her counselling is similar, gentle yet powerful. A beautiful soul making a difference in our world. Thank you.

Rose - Nelson
Ana Dorrington 5

Ana and I started our counselling journey 7 years ago. I first came to her suffering from severe depression, anxiety and PTSD. During our time together there was sadness, tears and joy, and eventually acceptance and recovery. And while I will always have those trauma related issues, Ana taught me how to cope, how to put aside the grief and loss and to accept who I am without blame and self recrimination. I will always be grateful for her professionalism, life experience, caring, tough love and her deep committment to my healing. I would recommend Ana as a counsellor to anyone in need. Kia kaha and arohanui Ana.

Ruth - Nelson
Ana Dorrington 5

I found Ana to be both professional and refreshing in her approach and appreciated her down to earth manner. Ana is a skilled counsellor and has the ability to draw on a vast range of techniques which were appropriate to my cultural, spiritual and personal beliefs. I grew immensely on a personal level and use these techniques on a daily basis. Thank you Ana.