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Group workshops and events

I facilitate therapeutic and educational groups and peer supervision groups and teach a variety of professional development workshops.

Weaving the Elements - EARTH AIR FIRE WATER SPIRIT

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A five month exploratory group for women and men in the helping professions including parents - all those who hear the call for nourishment and self connection - time out for you.

Workshop Session Details

Our organic processes in the group include timeless rituals, (reclaiming the sacred into the ordinary day) creative visualisation (tapping into cellular memory and wisdom), interactive drawing therapy (accessing the subconscious mind), walking meditation (interbeing), sharing from the collective pool of wisdom (together we create magical connections) and linking with the sacred vibrations from the flora of Aotearoa. There is also an element of spontaneity as Spirit comes through to foster the creativity. It is an experiential rather than an educative workshop designed to nourish your soul and spirit during these increasingly demanding times.

My intentions for the group

As we enrich and feed our innerscape our outer lives reflect this. So we unbind our definitions and beliefs about ourselves and life and take the opportunity to move more fully into our true self, and our true destiny.

As the facilitator of this workshop I draw upon many years of Buddhist meditation classes and retreats, tools from my counselling career and the sacred teachings of the Kura Huna (Maori mystery school of higher learning) as received through my Shamanic apprenticeship training. I rely on Spirit as the guiding inspiration on a daily basis, which keeps me on my toes and keeps life alive as I go deeper into the mystery!

You will need to set limits if you want them, for I am in the mood to explore boundarylessness ....


Contact me if you would like more information and to register your interest.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you...