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NZ native flower essences

Photo of a stand of nīkau palm trees
Stand of Nīkau Palms at Kaihoka Lake, Golden Bay. Essence #52 from the Seed Collection. "Non Attachment". Negative hereditary beliefs, patterns, fears around emotional expression, sensuality, pleasure, nurturing and partnership. Restores right emotional behaviour and enhances emotional awareness.

What are flower essences?

Only three things are used in making flower essences, plant material, water and sunlight. Sunlight is used to infuse the vibration or energetic signature of the flora into the water, in a process called solarisation where flowers or plant material are floated in a bowl of pure water and exposed to sunlight. Solarisation causes the energetic keynote or resonance of the plant to be released into the water. Flower essences then transfer their unique healing electromagnetic pattern into the human energy field when we drop some in our mouth or spray around us, through the same process called ‘resonance transfer’. This is a process where something of a higher vibration or frequency, in this case the nature essence, brings something of a lower vibration, our unwellness in whatever manifestation presenting, into harmony or alignment by subtly modifying the energy. Flower essences work on the electrical network within and surrounding the physical body to correct imbalances and realign our energy fields. Flower essence therapy is also known as energy medicine and vibrational medicine.

How do they differ from other nature based healing modalities?

Flower essences differ from vitamin, mineral and herbal treatments which address the physical aspects of the being, homeopathics and herbal tinctures which work with the lowest frequency of energy medicine the physical and etheric bodies. Essential oils and colour/psychic healing correct energy distortions in the etheric and astral/emotional layers of the energy field. Flower essences, because of their higher vibration, address all aspects of the human makeup.

What's different about these Flower Essences?

The use of vibration for healing has been used by indigenous cultures for thousands of years. Modern science is now saying that everything in existence including space itself responds to frequencies of electromagnetic energy or vibration. The ecosystem in Aotearoa is unique because it has the only plants on earth that have cooperation as their keynote. Cooperation rather than competition is reflected through all the native plants in the NZ landscape from the tops of the mightiest trees and mountains to the tiniest fern on the forest floor. This is significant when it comes to working with a modality for healing with the purpose of integrating and synthesizing to resolve conflict, disharmony and disorder.

Why are these essences also known as "Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa"?

The reason First Light Flower Essences® have such potency lies in the way they are made, the intention behind their creation and the unique power of the ecosystem of Aotearoa where the flora comes from. The old Earth Wisdom ways have been respectfully used in creating this range of essences. A sacred relationship has been fostered between the human makers and the spirit of the plants. Because the proper protocols have been followed, the plants have gifted their unique sacred power song or vibration. Only when this occurs does the full healing power of the plant get released allowing the empowered plant medicine to be passed over to the medicine person. Each family comes under the protection of the Atua or spiritual powers of great devic forces which overlight Aotearoa.

Why do these essences come in different 'families' or sets?

The different whānau/families of essences each have their own destined role to play and their own area of expertise. The families also work together synergistically to facilitate deep and transformative healing and growth. We are multidimensional beings, not simply a body and a mind. We are facing complex challenges many of which for example technology and global warming, humans have never experienced before. We have the opportunity to heal, grow and 'upgrade' on all levels. As well as transforming the 36 personality types with the Bach flowers as in Dr Bach’s time of 19th and 20th centuries, we now have additional vibrational medicine to assist with cleansing our auric field, balancing the chakras, clearing and upgrading DNA blueprints, consciously supporting our Soul’s growth and awakening spiritually. To be restored to our natural state of wholeness and progress spiritually, we need to include all aspects of the human matrix, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The range of NZ native essences I work with have been created to help humanity evolve, to address the increasingly complex challenges and problems we are facing in the 21st century and to live cooperatively in peace and harmony, in both our inner and outer lives.


There are several ways of selecting essences. From personalised blends (of up to 8 individual essences), to a selection of combination essences, to working with your birth date and constitutional blend or focusing on specific issues, I can help you choose - contact me.